After successful launch seasons on the southern end of the Jersey Shore and the entire state of Vermont, Stock the House is thrilled to announce the addition of new sites. Starting this summer, our service will also be expanding to the rest of the Jersey Shore, as well as Rhode Island and Lake George, New York!

Lake George’s sparkling, clear freshwater and natural majesty have earned it the title the Queen of the American Lakes. In the 19th and 20th centuries, many of America’s wealthiest, most influential families found tranquil solitude on its shores, including the Roosevelt, van Rensselaer, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller and Whitney families. Today, vacationers from all walks of life make Lake George one of the most popular summer destinations in the entire country.  With the lake being just a three and a half hour drive outside New York City and a two and a half hour ride from Montreal, it presents the perfect opportunity for both Americans and Canadians seek to refuge from their bustling cities in the gentle shade of the Adirondack Mountains. Based on its reputation, accessibility, and gorgeousness, Lake George was both a welcome and a worthy addition to our location list.

Originally the birthplace of America’s industrial revolution, Rhode Island is now a tourism powerhouse. What the ocean state lacks in landmass, it makes up for in culture, excitement, and coastal splendor.  From the pristine sands of Narragansett to the quaint Old World charm of College Hill, Providence, where Sarah Helen Whitman famously broke Edgar Allen Poe’s heart, Rhode Island is full of treasures and intrigues. For families looking specifically for history and character to pair with their summertime leisure, it is an unparalleled vacation spot.

For those of you looking to experience Vermont and the Jersey Shore for the first time, or perhaps return after a wonderful vacation last year, you’ll be delighted to know that you can expect the same great coverage and service from the hardworking teams at all of our previous locations.

The Stock The House Family is proud to be increasing its geographic range, and by extension, the number of customers, which we can cover. Your family’s options for a carefree vacation and lifelong have never been more plentiful, varied, or stress-free.