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Emma Griffith has a lot going on, especially for a freshman at Southern Vermont College. The 18-year-old has already declared a double major in business and psychology, competes as a Division III softball player, works several jobs, and splits her remaining time between community service for both a Sunday school and a soccer team.

Stock the House was a natural pick for her when it came to employment options, and of the three jobs she works, Emma admits it’s by far her favorite.

Emma’s father was the one who forwarded her the job listing, and the premise quickly piqued her interest.

In her words:

“Stock the House appealed to me as someone who would like to own her own business with a unique concept someday.  And to be honest, the opportunity for the commissions was a huge draw for me, too.  18-year-olds don’t typically make that kind of money unless they have technical training in some field (which I do not) and the minimum wage jobs that I worked this summer had burned me out.”

In a sense, Emma’s ambassador and concierge duties at Stock the House combine her two majors as she is both enacting the growing company’s vision AND performing services that make individual clients and their families happy.

Finding the perfect vegan organic gummy candy for the Catrambone family’s grocery bags or facilitating transactions with local businesses are tasks that speak to her strengths as a go-getter and communicator.

Perhaps most appropriate is Emma’s close relationship to the state of Vermont. Emma recalls that her family did not travel frequently, but the trips they did make stayed with her.

She reminisces “On the occasions my family and I did travel, we usually went camping in our small, vintage 1960’s hard-sided camper and drove up to New England.  We went to Vermont a few times, which I loved.”

Without even realizing it at first, Emma had a special bond to the area. She admits: “I actually go to school about ten miles from one of our old Vermont vacation spots, Woodford State Park. When I first moved to Vermont, I would get weird, but welcoming Déjà vu whenever I drove by.”

As someone who enjoys helping others that also has a deep connection to the region she’s operating in, Emma is one of Stock the House’s star team members.


**You can catch her story and more about Stock the House on NPR here: https://www.marketplace.org/2018/04/02/business/short-term-rentals-spur-businesses-around-new-services-visitors