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Find out about our flexible packages designed to help you put a spark in a romantic night, spice up a day out, entertain like a pro or simply stock the house with your favorite things and necessities for your arrival.

Personal Chef Package

Treat yourself to something tasty with a Personal Chef. Customize your own special dinner for that special someone, or customize a menu for the get-together or special occasion. Don’t mess with busy restaurants or the mess of cooking when you can have a first-class meal prepared right in your home.

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Babysitter Package

Need some time away on your vacation? Let one of our babysitters take your kids out for the day, or take care of them in the comfort of your rental. Have special requirements for your kids care? No problem, let one of our concierges know and we will match you with the perfect sitter.

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Romance Package

Want a quiet night in with your loved one? Enjoy your vacation home to the fullest by bringing the relaxation to you. You can customize your own special dinner for that special someone, enjoy a much-needed massage while dinner is being prepared, and smell the fresh flowers well into the evening. Don’t mess with busy restaurants when you can have a first-class meal prepared right in your home.

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Family Package

For all you parents out there! Ever needed a vacation from your vacation? Don’t let that happen this time around. We can take the stress out of planning and coordinating activities with your kids, and even give you a much-needed night out ALONE. Packages can be customized to match the ages of your little ones. Just connect with a concierge so you can start enjoying your family vacation upon arrival.

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The Ultimate Entertaining Package

Entertaining on vacation can be a lot more difficult than entertaining back home. You don’t always know how to find the right resources and services. So, you spend your precious vacation time researching when you should be relaxing. Let us put together the perfect party for you!

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Grocery Start Package

Warning: skipping the lines at the grocery store may lead to joyful skipping on the beach. Let us get all of the essentials for you so you can get on with your vacation.

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“Get Your Vacation Started” Package

There are a few basic things that you need to start relaxing on your vacation. Let us get those for you so that day one can be “day one on the beach”. All you have to do is connect with a concierge, tell them what you need, and they will handle the rest. Vacation done right.

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The Ultimate Arrival “We’ll Do Everything” Package

This package lets you relax immediately upon arrival. Let us manage all of the details and errands that come with starting your vacation. Give us the go ahead, and we’ll do everything for you. Package based on a family of 4.

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“Enjoy the Beach” Package

Why fill the car with beach equipment when you have more important things to pack in the car, like that cute new bathing suit? Let us get all of the equipment for you. And we can help make the experience even better with a personal caddy to do the heavy lifting. Make your trip to the Ocean State one to remember. Stock the House and forget about the lines.

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