NJ Style Seafood Dinner

$100.00 per person

$100 PER PERSON: This hassle-free Crab dinner is the perfect complement to a NJ summer evening. We bring the delicious, you bring the fun. 🙂  Enjoy Jersey Garden Crabs topped with the freshest local ingredients from local Farms. This dinner is all about the best local flavors of summer!

Minimum order: 6

ONLY available in New Jersey.

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$100 PER PERSON: Jersey Shore summers are best enjoyed outdoors with family and great food. The only problem is the cooking, serving, and cleaning!

#1 Size Jersey Garden Crabs topped with heirloom yellow tomato sauce with diced red bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, garlic, and fresh herbs. Served with homemade garlic bread made with Italian bread, homemade garlic and parsley compound butter, topped with paprika and freshly grated Parmesan. Fresh green salad on the side. This dinner is all about local flavors.

Choice of 1 additional side (add more for an additional fee):

  • Baked potatoes with toppings
  • Baked sweet potatoes with toppings
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Candied carrots with maple syrup butter
  • Varied seasonal vegetables
  • Yellow squash, roasted broccoli
  • Macaroni and cheese

Special requests or substitutions can be added at checkout - please add your choice of sides, additions, or substitution in the notes at checkout.

Minimum order: 6

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