The summer travel season is in high gear, and our concierges are helping travelers on the Jersey Shore and Vermont enjoy their trips like never before.

Here are 3 recent examples of how we deliver exceptional personal service.

1 – A no sweat graduation party for 75 people!

Graduation parties are tons of fun for the graduate, but a lot of work for parents. Especially if you want to throw a combined party for two friends at your vacation home down the shore, but the families are from opposite sides of the country!

It’s hard enough to throw a party for 75 people in your hometown where you know the best caterers, entertainers, etc…and it’s exceptionally challenging when your in a busy vacation town.

That’s where we come in. In this case, we worked with the client to design an East Coast/West Coast themed party, then planned and executed every element of the event. 

From food, decorations and staff, to renting tables, chairs and handling cleanup, we did it all. 

We worked directly with the vendors, handled all invoices and receipts, and made sure our clients had very little work to do other than approve the expenses.

We have many examples like this, including lobster bakes on the beach, anniversary parties, and milestone birthday parties. If you can imagine it, we can do it!

2 – Easy arrival to your rental home

woman holding keys

Have you ever arrived at your destination, only to spend an hour or two hustling around trying to figure out how to get into the place? 

If you’re like us, you’ve had the unpleasant experience of having to stop by the property management company’s office to pick up the house keys, only to see a city block long line of travelers trying to do the same thing.

Now factor in your friends and family that might be staying with you and arriving in advance, but who might not be able to pick up the keys. How will they get in? What will they do while they wait for you?

Not easy questions, but we have the answer. For many of our clients at the Jersey Shore, we pick up the keys, open and air out the house, and usually stock the fridge with their favorite items. 

So, no matter when you and your guests arrive, the house is open and welcoming. You save hours of frustration just trying to get the keys and ensure a warm and inviting welcome for everyone.

Now, you can simply arrive and relax, which is what you were hoping for all along!

3 – We’ll do the dirty work (yes, even windows)

beach house

For property owners, ensuring that your home is turned over and spotless for the next guest’s arrival can be daunting work; especially if you have a large property. Sunday evenings are a flurry of activity and work that can take a full day to execute.

That’s why we have a number of partners who hire us to handle this for them. Our concierges show up after guests have departed to pick up all the linens and laundry to wash off-site, then return the next morning to prep each bed and room for arrival.

This can easily save 4-6 hours of time for a moderate size property.

We are also happy to go above and beyond at every opportunity. Recently, we even washed windows inside and out for a 3,000+ square foot home. We did this because we care, but also because it’s nearly impossible to find a window washer on-demand in a resort town. 

These little details go a long way to making a rental property stand out in the market. With our help you not only save time, but you can also enhance the guest experience with no extra work on your part. It’s our pleasure and something that we take the utmost pride in. 

These are just three examples of how we make travel a luxury for people who truly value their time, and appreciate an elevated experience on every trip.

Drop us a note, call or chat with us now to discuss your next trip!


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